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Kita Food Guide: Where and What to Eat in Kita District, Osaka

Wondering where and what to eat in Kita District? In this guide, we selected our top picks for the best restaurants in Kita and which food you should try from their menu.

Kita is best known for its vibrant nightlife. If there’s one area in Osaka that best represents its entertainment scene at night, it’s Kita! From high-end nightclubs to specialty bars to traditional pubs, you can find pretty much the kind that suits your taste.

But of course, if there are clubs and bars, one thing is for sure you will crave—food. And that’s why we’ve come up with a good guide to help you navigate the best restaurants in Kita. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Okonomiyaki at Kiji

It’s hard to miss okonomiyaki when you are in Osaka. Around Kita District, the best you can find is served at Kiji, one of the most popular okonomiyaki restaurants in Osaka. Expect to wait longer than usual, especially if you are dining during peak hours. But it’s going to be worth it!

Price: From 1,000 yen

Hours: 11:30 AM - 9:00 pm (closed on Thursdays)

Contact: +81 6-6440-5970

Address: 1 Chome−1−90, Oyodonaka, Kita Ward, Osaka

2. Yakiniku at Gorichan

This yakiniku restaurant in Osaka is not just popular but also top-rated. Therefore, you can expect no less than from Gorichan’s well-loved barbeque dishes. If you’re not quite sure about what you want to eat, don’t be scared to ask the servers! They will choose the best ones for you.

Price: From 4,000 yen

Hours: 5 PM - 7 AM (Monday to Sunday)

Contact: +81 6-6360-4155

Address: 8−21, Doyamacho, Kita Ward, Osaka

3. Sushi at Isshin

Sushi is all over Osaka. But in case you’re feeling downing plates of them, head over to Isshin, one of the most well-loved sushi chains in Osaka. Whether you’re craving eel, hoe, tuna, mackerel, or even Wagyu beef sushi, you will never leave Isshin without a full stomach.

Price: From 1,550 yen

Hours: 3 PM - 10:30 PM (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Contact: +81 6-6311-1616

Address: 15-12 Doyamacho, Kita Ward, Osaka

4. Udon at Kisuke

If you’re looking to down a bowl of udon noodles, Kisuke is one of the best places to visit. However, they are not open at night, so be sure to check them out at lunch until before evening.

Price: From 1,000 yen

Hours: 12 - 4 PM (closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Contact: +81 6-6375-5656

Address: 4-1 Tsurunocho, Kita Ward, Osaka


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