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Amerikamura Guide: Where to Eat and Where to Shop in Ame-Mura

You’ve probably heard of Amerikamura, or Ame-Mura as we locals like to call it. Americakamura is the heart of streetwear and third wave specialty coffee. If you are wondering what to do and where to shop, we highlight the best shops to visit and restaurants and coffee shops to dine at.

Amerikamura is one of the most popular spots in Osaka City among the youth. Translated to America Village or America Town, this particular area just north of Dotonbori is home to fashionable clothing shops, hip coffee shops, trendy restaurants and food stalls, as well as live music events.

Historically, Amerikamura is where you can find cheap, imported American clothing and accessories. But over the course of time, it transformed into a full-blown neighborhood of anything trendy and is now home to more than 3,000 shops. Although Ame-Mura started out with its American roots, what it is today is uniquely Japanese.

Exploring Ame-Mura is pretty straightforward. You can walk from Shinsaibashi station on the Midosuji line and discover shops as you walk towards Dotonbori.

Lucky you, we highlighted the best gems in Ame-Mura. From restaurants and coffee shops to boutiques and souvenir shops, we got you covered.

Best Shops in Ame-Mura to Find Fashionable Clothes

  • Shinsaibashi Big Step

Walking around Ame-Mura, it’s hard to miss Big Step. This iconic shopping complex is your go-to place for anything fashionable. From vintage shops to thrift stores to sportswear boutiques, Shinsaibashi Big Step is the best place. You can also find a movie theater on the 4th floor if you feel like watching a movie.

  • Alice on Wednesday (Now Closed)

Designed after Alice in Wonderland, this candy and general merchandise store sums up what Ame-Mura is all about. Whether you are looking for unique souvenirs or trendy items, Alice on Wednesday is the perfect spot.

  • Shinsaibashi OPA

This fashion center is very easy to access as it’s connected to Exit 7 of Shinsaibashi Station on the Osaka Metro. From the basement to the top floor, Shinsaibashi OPA boasts local goods and brands popular among the youth.

Where to Eat in Ame-Mura

  • Saizeriya

Located inside Shinsaibashi Big Step, this Japanese chain of family-style Italian restaurants boasts the best and most affordable authentic Italian casual dining.

  • Drink Stand Frummy

Located in B2 of Shinsaibashi OPA, this health drink stand serves yummy soda beverages and a range of healthy smoothies.

  • Kogaryu Honten

This Bib Gourmand-certified (2016-2018) takoyaki restaurant is popular among locals. Their takoyaki dough is based on seven types of stock flavors!

  • Elk Pancake Café

This pancake specialty café is a must-visit for your souffle pancake cravings. Try their mango souffle pancake with ice cream!

Best Nightlife in Ame-Mura

  • Mitsu Park

Around here is where the youth come together after the day ends. It’s especially vibrant and crowded during events such as New Year’s Eve and Halloween.

  • Mittera Kaikan

Known as Osaka’s alternate culture events place, this building is decked with bars, salons, thrift shops, and so much more!

It’s hard to miss Ame-Mura when you are in Osaka. With our Amerikamura guide, we hope your trip becomes more fun and less stressful.


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