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7 Coolest Tours in Osaka, Japan That You Shouldn’t Miss

Updated: Mar 13, 2020


Looking for the coolest tours in Osaka, Japan? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Osaka is an incredible city to make some special memories. It has everything you ever wanted to add to your things to do in Osaka and when visiting Japan.

Whether you want to embark on a quintessential food adventure in Osaka or just have fun around while roaming around the city, we picked 6 of the coolest tours in Osaka that you should join in.

1. Go-kart Tours

Go-karting in Osaka | Image Courtesy of mike_handoko / Flickr

First on our list is something you and your friends will definitely enjoy — go-karting around Osaka. Go-kart tours are thriving in Osaka because it’s just so easy to roll with it while getting a glimpse of the city’s famous landmarks. To make your go-kart experience more memorable, you can dress in your favorite cartoon characters.

2. Food and Bar Hopping Tours

Food stall in Dotonbori | Image Courtesy of Kent Wang / Flickr

As the center of culinary in Japan, you can’t afford to miss going on any food and drink tours in Osaka. Some Osaka food tours will bring you to the backstreets of Hozenji Yokocho and Dotonbori to find the best specialty restaurants and izakaya (traditional pubs). Others will let you experience some must-try street foods at Kuromon Market. Wherever you go, Osaka will never fail your craving for gastronomic adventures.

3. Geisha Tours

Geisha performance in Osaka | Image Courtesy of Robert Fielding / Flickr

Though Kyoto is the center of geisha culture, you can also experience a tiny bit of this classic tradition in Osaka. Geisha tours in Osaka often involve tea ceremony where geisha or maiko (apprentice geisha) will entertain you and give you a crash course on tea-making and tea ceremony. You can also find geisha makeovers where you will be transformed into a beautiful geisha, whether it’s a full-on geisha transformation or a kimono photoshoot.

4. Osaka Bike Tours

Biking in Osaka | Image Courtesy of m-louis / Flickr

If you don’t want to walk but still want to take it slow, bike tours in Osaka are there to let you experience the city on pedals. Most bike tours center around Osaka Castle, where you can freely navigate through the expansive park and castle grounds. Some hidden gems and a little food adventure may also be part of your Osaka biking itinerary.

5. Universal Studios Osaka Tours

Universal Studios Japan Osaka | Image Courtesy of Andrea Hale / Flickr

For the geeks and nerds out there, Osaka has something perfect for you — Universal Studios Japan. Some tours will lend you a hand if you want to explore Universal Studios and enjoy some of the world’s most amazing amusement parks and themed attractions. Make sure to book your ticket in advance and get the express pass to dodge long lines.

6. Osaka Free Walking Tours

Amemura by day | Image Courtesy of calltheambulance / Flickr

Balling on a budget? Joining Osaka free walking tours are here to save the day. Osaka Localized offers daily walking tours in Osaka, bringing you to incredible and historically relevant places in the city. With Osaka Localized’s free walking tour, you will get to visit Dotonbori, Amemura, and Kuromon Market. Make sure to book your spot!


For updates, you can follow our Osaka free walking tour Facebook page, Osaka Localized Walking Tours.

Ready to get localized? Book your FREE walking tour in Osaka with Osaka Localized!

Osaka Localized provides visitors and travellers to Osaka with a unique perspective of this great city. What makes Osaka Localized unique is that our walking tour guides live and work in Osaka, have a passion for this city and love meeting and welcoming new faces. Find out more about our Walking Tours in Osaka.


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