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Osaka Coronavirus Update: Is It Still Safe to Travel in Osaka, Japan?


If you have a forthcoming trip to Japan, you must have been wondering if it’s still okay to travel in Osaka at this time when coronavirus remains uncontained.

Japan currently has 783 active cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

So, “Is Osaka safe to travel now?”

COVID-19 Cases in Osaka, Japan

As of June 25, 2020, confirmed COVID-19 cases in Osaka Prefecture are 1,809 and 1,687 have recovered in the prefecture so far.

For real-time updates, follow the Japan National Tourism Organization’s (JNTO) Twitter account.

Is Osaka, Japan Safe to Travel Now?

Is it safe to travel to Osaka despite coronavirus? How are the people doing in Osaka?

People in Osaka are out and about, with their everyday life still the same. But to say whether or not it’s safe to visit Osaka now is a vague question that has no definite answer.

However, given the current situation, we highly recommend just staying at home for now or at your accommodations to make sure you are safe.

If you have already booked your trip to Japan, you might want to postpone your travel plans. It’s best to wait for coronavirus to be thoroughly contained before making your travel plans. Prevention is always better than cure.

Can I Still Travel in Osaka?

The short answer is yes. Everything is like on a regular day in Osaka, except people are wearing face masks to avoid contracting coronavirus.

Schools, business establishments, and tourist attractions in Osaka are still open. Most travel services, like Osaka Localized, are also accepting bookings.

On the other hand, some museums in Osaka are closed to the public right now.

Temporary Closures of Attractions in Osaka

Here’s a list of the attractions that are now open:

  • Universal Studios Japan

  • The National Museum of Art, Osaka

  • Osaka Castle Museum

  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

  • Cup Noodles Museum Ikeda

  • Harukas 360

  • Tsutenkaku Tower

  • Osaka Expo '70 Commemorative Park

  • Namba Yasaka Shrine

  • Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

  • Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts

  • Osaka National Museum of History

  • Isaka Museum of History

  • Osaka Science Museum

  • Hirakata Park

  • Umeda Sky Building

  • Kids Park Plaza

  • Mint Museum

  • National Museum of Ethnology

  • The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka

How to Prevent COVID-19

If you wish to travel Osaka, here are some preventive measures you need to know before flying in:

  1. Bring your own masks as most stores in Japan have run out of face masks.

  2. Avoid crowded attractions and observe social distancing.

  3. Always clean your hands with soap and water properly.

  4. Use alcohol-based hand rub or sanitizers all the time.

  5. Always wear your face mask when going out.

  6. Cover your nose and mouth with tissue paper or flexed elbow when coughing and sneezing.

  7. Keep away from people who have cold or flu-like symptoms.

What to Do If You’re Suspected to Have COVID-19

In case you suspect to have caught coronavirus symptoms like fever, cough, and shortness of breath, get yourself checked at the nearest hospital.

Always be on your guard. Travel safe.

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