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Osaka Walking Itinerary: Explore Osaka, Japan in 1 Day


Want to create your own Osaka walking itinerary? If you are planning to explore Osaka for a day or at your own pace, doing a self-guided walking tour is the best option to get lost in the city.

While you can explore Osaka on a day, we highly recommend spending a couple of days to really enjoy what the city has to offer. If that’s not an option, don’t worry — we’re here to help you out.

Here’s a sample Osaka 1-day walking itinerary where you will be spending some time in the districts of Kita and Minami:

9 am // Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle | Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

From JR Osaka Station, take the Osaka Loop Line to Osakajokoen Station. After exploring the castle and park premises, take the Osaka Loop Line or the subway back to JR Osaka Station.

10:30 am // Shopping in Kita District

Kita District is the daytime center of Osaka popular for shopping. Kita is on its owns league so wherever you go here, it’s a sight. For shopping galore, check out Hankyu Department Store, Grand Front Osaka, and Yodobashi Camera.

12 noon // Lunch in Kita District

While you are in Kita, it’s best to take your lunch. But beware because Kita is a business district, so restaurants are jampacked on weekdays during lunchtime.

1 pm // Shopping in Minami District

From Kita District, take the Modosuji subway line to Shinsaibashi Station. From the station, take exit no. 2. Just a few blocks away is Tokyu Hands, a gadget store known to be one of the best worldwide. Proceed to the Shinsaibashi-suji shopping arcade to find a variety of goods you can take home.

2 pm // Dotonbori

From Shinsaibashi-suji, walk south until you see Ebisu-bashi Bridge, which is probably the most popular image of Osaka. You can take some time on the bridge to take some photos and get a feel of the Dotonbori Canal and gigantic signages and billboards all over it. Roam around Dotonbori freely to find the best restaurants, specialty shops, and whatnots. Make sure to check out our guide on what to do in Dotonbori.

4 pm // Hozenji Yokocho

Hozenji Yokocho | Image Courtesy of Satoshi Hirayama / Pexels

Just two blocks away from Dotonbori is Hozenji Yokocho, an atmospheric narrow alleyway lined with hole-in-the-wall traditional restaurants. At the end of the alley is Hozenji Temple where you can find the moss-clad Mizu-kake Fudo statue.

4:30 pm // Shopping in Doguyasuji Arcade

Just a few minutes walk away from Hozenji Yokocho, Doguyasuji Arcade is Osaka’s famous center of kitchenware.

5 pm // Dinner in Minami

For your dinner, I recommend going back to Minami as it’s home to some of the best restaurants in Osaka.

6 pm // Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas | Image Courtesy of Takashi Hososhima / Flickr

One of the best things to do in Osaka is climbing up Abeno Harukas in Tennoji to see Osaka at night in a 360-degree view. Abeno Harukas has an observation deck open to the public until 10 pm daily. Sunset and evening views here are the best. From Minami, take the Midosuji subway line to Tennoji Station. Just follow the signs to Abeno Harukas.


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