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Osaka Shopping Guide: 10 Best Shopping Areas in Osaka

Den Den Town | Image Courtesy of Wayne Hsieh / Flickr

Looking for the best shopping areas in Osaka? Osaka is home to many world-class shopping districts and kilometers-long shopping malls, streets, and arcades. It’s a melting pot of both designer and luxury brands and vintage thrift shops and discount stores.

Umeda and Namba are two of Osaka’s major shopping districts, both boasting a good number of department stores, underground malls, and shopping centers. Umeda, also known as Kita, is in the north accessible by the JR Osaka Station and Umeda Station, while Namba, also known as Minami, is in the south accessible by the Namba Station. But you’ll discover more in Osaka if you explore beyond Umeda and Namba. Here are the best shopping areas in Osaka:

1. Shinsaibashi

Shinsaibashi | Image Courtesy of Steven Tso / Unsplash

One of Osaka’s oldest shopping districts, Shinsaibashi sits conveniently between Umeda and Namba. It’s a bustling neighborhood that stretches about 600 meters long. Shinsaibashi is home to brand-name stores, chain stores, and independent boutiques.

2. Ebisubashi

Moving towards Dotonbori is Ebisubashi which has the same vibes as Shinsaibashi. There you can find more fashion boutiques, gift stores, and dessert shops.

3. Amerikamura

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind finds, Amerikamura is the best shopping area in Osaka located near Shinsaibashi. Known to locals as “Ame-mura,” it’s popular for its youth-centered fashion boutiques and a bunch of thrift stores, extending from Nagahori Street to Dotonbori, located west of the Shinsaibashi Station.

4. Den Den Town

Den Den Town | Image Courtesy of Janne Moren

A quirky shopping area in Nipponbashi, Den Den Town is for those who love electronics, games, pop culture, anime, and otaku-related products, much like Tokyo’s Akihabara District. Den Den Town stretches along Ota Road and Sakaisuji Avenue where you can find famous anime and hobby stores like Animate, Super Potato, and Mandarake. Even if you’re just roaming around, it’s definitely one of the best free things to do in Osaka.

5. Horie District

If you’re looking for a more mature shopping area in Osaka, Horie District is the way to go. Its well-designed streets are lined up with brand-name shops and sophisticated cafés for the fashionable. The district is oozing with charisma located just within the city limits of Osaka, connecting to JR Namba Station, Osaka Metro’s Namba Station, Yotsubashi Station, Nishiōhashi Station, Nishinagashori Station, and Sakuragawa Station.

6. Rinku Town

Located near Kansai International Airport just outside the city, Rinku Town is an entire town dedicated to shopping. If you are here, be sure to visit the main shopping areas like the Rinku Premium Outlet Mall, Aeon Mall, and Seacle.

7. Tenjinbashi

Tenjinbashi | Image Courtesy of Tatters / Flickr

Located in northeastern Osaka going to Tenmangu Shrine, Tenjinbashi is home to nearly 600 local shops that offer a range of affordable goods. It’s known to be the longest covered shopping arcade in Japan that spans 2.6 kilometers. There you can find so many locals shopping, so it’s truly one of the must-visit places in Osaka.

8. Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka is one of the newest shopping malls in Osaka opened in 2013. It’s located north of JR Osaka Station, offering a wide selection of shops and dining options in an upscale environment.

9. Umeda District

And, of course, you have Umeda District. Although popular, you don’t want to miss it. Umeda District is where you can find many leading department stores and flagship stores of big brands. Many of them can be found around the Osaka Station City Complex, including Hankyu, Daimaru, Hanshin, and Mitsukoshi-Isetan stores.

10. Namba District

Minami | Image Courtesy of Pxhere

Namba District is also a highly recommended shopping area in Osaka. Crossing Mido-Suji Avenue from Shinsaibashi you can find many trendy boutiques, cafes, interior shops, and restaurants. Towards Naniwa-Suji Avenue are the fashionable districts of Kita Horie and Minami Horie elegant boutiques and dining options blend well with the city’s historic background. The Namba District is where you can find the flagship stores of Takashimaya.

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